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Mix and match colors and watch them combine and separate again!


INSTRUCTIONS: https://veryspecialtales.com/sensory-bottles-with-baby-oil/


  • Plastic bottles or jars
  • Water
  • Water-based food coloring (red)
  • Oil-based food coloring (blue)
  • Baby oil/vegetable oil (olive or canola are both suitable)
  • Glue (optional but highly recommended if you have small kids and need to seal the jar afterwards)


  1. Fill half of the jar with water.
  2. Add a couple drops of the red food coloring.
  3. Mix them together.
  4. Pour baby oil inside the jar containing colored water.
  5. Add your oil-based food coloring into the baby oil.
  6. Stir the baby oil until the food coloring is fully blended into the oil.
  7. Watch as the colors constantly mix and separate again!

DIY Calming Jars