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What is hand hygiene?

Hand hygiene means cleaning your hands by using either handwashing (washing hands with soap and water) or antiseptic hand rub (i.e. alcohol-based hand sanitizer including foam or gel).

Why practice hand hygiene?

Practicing proper hand hygiene and cleaning your hands greatly reduces the spread of potentially deadly germs from person to person.

How to hand washhow to use alcohol-based hand rub

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use non-alcohol based hand rub product to perform hand hygiene?

No. Non-alcohol based hand rub products contain benzalkonium chloride which is effective against gram positive bacteria but not against all gram negative bacteria (such as E-coli and Pseudomonas).

Requirement – 70% alcohol content

What is proper Hand Hygiene?

Proper hand hygiene requires that all surfaces of the hand (including the backs of the hands, thumbs, wrists, nail beds, and between the fingers) be cleaned using soap and water.